Strange looking lists…

Sorry if my lists look strange at the moment – MS decided to hide the descriptions beneath the headers a month ago…

I’ve submitted a feedback asking for them to be restored to how it was before…  Hopefully, they’ll do that, like last time when I requested for an increase of the width of the page.


Dirt season 2 is out!

"Dirt" logo

Woohoo! The first 2 episodes for season 2 of "Dirt" is out now – go get it, it’s good:

2×01 –
2×02 –

Software recommendation: Visual Task Tips

Visual Task Tips icon - click to go to author's website.
Here’s a utility I’m sure you’ll like – it’s called Visual Task Tips.
This application runs in XP / Vista and provides a preview for each window "task" on the taskbar:
Before and after
Version 3 adds the essential preview delay customization – now you can make the preview appear immediately!