The parable of traffic cones

The story below was from the sermon this morning and it deeply moved me. Please give it a careful read and maybe you will find it helpful too.

I read this story a couple of days ago although it’s not actually recent. "On 12 December 1984 dense fog shrouded the M25 near London. The hazard warning lights were on, but were ignored by most drivers. At 6.15 am, a truck carrying huge rolls of paper was involved in an accident, and within minutes the carriageway was engulfed in carnage. Dozens of cars were wrecked. Ten people were killed. A police patrol car was soon on the scene, and two policemen ran back up the motorway to stop oncoming traffic.

They waved their arms and shouted as loud as they could, but most drivers took no notice and raced on towards the disaster that awaited them. The policemen then picked up traffic cones and flung them at the cars’ windscreens in a desperate attempt to warn drivers of the danger. One policeman told how tears streamed down his face as car after car went by and he waited for the sickening sound of impact as they hit the growing mass of wreckage further down the road."

Is God throwing down any traffic cones at our windscreens? Is He sitting back and laughing as men and women run towards Hell or is He down on the road in the fog throwing some traffic cones?

The good news is there are traffic cones being thrown. There is a way out if you want it. if you don’t want it, God will honor that. He won’t force you to come into Heaven.

There will come a day when God will say to the people who hate Him, "Ok, you can have what you asked for – you can live without me."

But those people will experience punishment – they will live with their horrifically increasing sinfulness for ever and ever. They will experience death and destruction – they will be unrenewed, incomplete and ruined forever. They will experience separation – every good and lovely blessing that comes from God (which is everything good) will no longer be a part of their lives, eternally.


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