DSpace resource_type_id

For those of you who are wondering what the values in "resource_type_id" stands for (for example, in the "resourcepolicy" table), here is what I’ve found out:

0 = bitstream
1 = bundle
2 = item
3 = collection
4 = community

I’d welcome anyone who can point me to the documentation of this – I tried but I couldn’t find it…

I only know the above information after comparing DB dumps… (which is actually what I’ve had to do to figure out what DSpace is doing to its DB schema for everything… But hey, that was (ahem…) "fun" and now I know how to use "diff" ;-) !).

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2 Responses to “DSpace resource_type_id”

  1. Gary Says:

    Thanks so much for this information – really helpful!

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