TV Recommendation – Dollhouse

Dollhouse title screen

Here’s another TV show I’d recommend – Dollhouse.

The story is based on a private underground organization who engages on mission-based tasks for clients using people called "Active"s, who have had their original personalities and memories wiped clean, and replaced with new ones specifically selected at the start of each mission (or "engagement"). At the end of each engagement, the Active’s memories are wiped clean and returned to a child-like state.

The name of the shown comes from the fact that the Actives live inside a house with a controlled environment between engagements during which they are in a child-like state of mind, analogous to Dolls in a Dollhouse.

As the plot develops, the main character "Echo" (played by Eliza Dushku), started to show sings that she may have retained certain character traits of the personas she inherited during her previous engagements. There are of course other interesting twists to do with the ugly history of the organization and the organization’s potential (but currently unknown) enemies.

I have no idea how the story is going to unfold, but I sure am looking forward to the next episode!

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