Windows Live Hotmail POP3 access


Woohoo! You can now access your Hotmail account via POP3! Here are the details:

POP server: with SSL

SMTP Server: with TLS

Guess I won’t need my WebMail Thunderbird Add-on anymore!

6 Responses to “Windows Live Hotmail POP3 access”

  1. Patricia Says:

    Is this TV show suitable for children?

  2. Patricia Says:

    Please forgive my stubborn, I don’t know what’s POP3. I think I am really out of touch with technology. Tell me more if you don’t mind. Thanks!

  3. Kok-Yan Says:

    POP3 – Post Office Protocol version 3:'s basically a standard set of text-based instructions that allows retrieval of emails from an email server.The details In my example above are needed if you wish to use an email client (in my case it’s Mozilla Thunderbird) to send and receive emails using hotmail.Which TV show were you referring to?Dollhouse – noFuturama – maybe / yesLie to me – maybe / noBeing Erica – maybe

  4. Patricia Says:

    What’s the difference with Microsoft Outlook?

  5. Kok-Yan Says:

    One is expensive and the other is free, one crashes when the mail server times out and the other doesn’t ;-) . Plus, Outlook only works on Windows.But use whatever you feel more comfortable.

  6. Patricia Says:


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