Connecting to corporate (business) Gmail chat (IM) through Pidgin

Ever since my workplace migrated over to Gmail, I’ve been finding ways to use the various Gmail features without actually having to use the web UI of Gmail.

One of the features I wanted to use was chat (IM), but since the usual configuration won’t work, I had to do some trail and error on my own to get it working.

Without further ado, here’s how, in 2 simple screenshots:

Account configuration - Basic tab Account configuration - Advanced tab

Hope you find it useful!

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10 Responses to “Connecting to corporate (business) Gmail chat (IM) through Pidgin”

  1. Shumoco Says:

    Thanks for that, I had the same issue, and your screenshots worked like a charm

  2. :) Says:

    thank you!

  3. kelsea Says:

    Thank you! your screen shots made it easy :)

  4. cae Says:

    Sweet :)

  5. rEcUrsion22 Says:

    Works! easy fix, thank you!

  6. Corporate Gmail chat and Pidgin configuration | teriyakipanda Says:

    […] found the more common solution to this issue did not work for me.  It seemed this solution was on every related conversation […]

  7. tink Says:

    I only see one screenshot? :(

  8. sdgh Says:

    1. Set your username without the @ sign.
    2. Set your domain and delete
    3. Go to advanced tab and add the chat server
    4. Sign in.

  9. jessai Says:

    Yeah! Thanks!

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