Racer audio problem under Ubuntu 10.10 (maverick) resolved

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Since Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick) removed OSS, “Racer”, in its default configuration has since become rather broken; when you fire Racer up, you’ll get the following error:

Audio: setting speakermode to -1081005172 (<unknown_speakermode>, system default is <unknown_speakermode>)
FMOD: audio hardware acceleration is OFF. This is really bad for latency; adjusting audio buffers.
Can't init FMOD (audio system)

The solution? Simply replace the old libfmodex.so with the latest one!

# Download and extract the latest version of fmod
wget http://www.fmod.org/index.php/release/version/fmodapi43208linux.tar.gz
tar -zxf fmodapi43208linux.tar.gz
# Replace the existing libfmodex.so with the latest version
mv fmodapi43208linux/api/lib/libfmodex-4.32.08.so /usr/lib/libfmodex.so
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