Website design annoyance

One thing I noticed on many websites that really annoys me is that they are still optimized for 600 x 800 resolution screens – I mean, for fuck’s sake, who the hell nowadays still use that resolution (600 x 800) for their computer monitors!?  Yes I know there are mobile devices our there that are incapable of displaying anything higher than that, but I mean, there really ought to be a separate section on the website that is specially designed for those devices.  Or better still, use CSS to take care of all the formatting
It just really annoys me whenever I view a website (such as this one – MSN Spaces) that there are tonnes of blank space on the right-hand side of the screen and all the other elements are crammed inside a tiny space.
So web developers – get you sites sorted!  And forget about 600 x 800 screens for non-mobile device users!
Oh, by the way, my website is (ahem…) broken for 600 x 800 screens…  I might fix that later on by using different CSS with a default of 1024 x 768 resolution.  (Actually, I might have came across a way of detecting screen resolution automatically from somewhere before, if you know how to do that, can you contact me?)