Ghetto GPS Signal booster

In keeping with the spirit of cheap mods (like this site here), here’s one you may or may not already know:
GPS Reciever on a metal lid
Yup, that’s right, GPS receiver on a metal lid boosts reception by quite a few dBs – and the best part about this "mod" is that it doesn’t cost me anything!
Here’s what I get:
No metal lid…

With metal lid!

No metal lid

With metal lid

Just in case you’re wondering what software the above screenshots are taken from, I got them from "NMEA Monitor".
You can get it at:

Palm Foleo – my initial reaction

Palm Foleo
Ok, I really don’t get this device – the way I see it, it’s Palm OS ALP with a giant screen and a keyboard (no touch screen and mouse – I know there is a "mouse", but come-on, no tracker-pad!?).
I mean, I love the Palm OS on a small device for the convenience of the form factor, but if I’m to go for something this large, I might as well spend more money and get myself a full-featured convertible tablet with a SSD… (alright, I’ll have to spend a lot more money for that…).  Also (as I mentioned before) what’s up with the lack of touch screen!?  That’s the thing I love most about PDAs!
I thought Palm is trying to reduce the number of devices we carry?  And not to have us lugging around an extra laptop-sized device – won’t most (if not all) of the targeted user group (which I’d image be business execs.) already have a laptop / tablet anyway?
I just don’t think spending $500 on this product (on top of which you’ll probably need a smart phone) is a good idea – you are probably better off spending $300 for the TX and pocketing the $200 change – I just think it’s too much a price to pay to read emails on the go…  Especially when you have a laptop with you…
Actually this brings me onto my next point – where the hell are you going to use such a device?  It’s not like a PDA where you can get it out just about anywhere, this device is like a UMPC (at least the current generation anyway) – you can use it on a long trip but not on a half-hour train ride – and for long trips, a laptop / tablet would probably be a better choice anyway.
Arh well… I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up for this mysterious device in the first place, I guess I’m just disappointed…
I guess I’ll still be using my Zire 72s for a long time to come…

Smash my PS3

Oh man, this is fucked up!  Those fuckers at got their hands on a PS3 at Best Buy and smashed it up with a sledge hammer!
You know what, at first, I thought they where cool in smashing up an iPod (link), but then they’ve crossed the line by smashing up a Viper (link).  But this – smashing up a PS3 – it’s simply beyond words…
I mean, they could at least wait until everyone have gotten their hands on a PS3 first!

Hard drive recovery presentation

If you are at all interested in hard drive recovery (or just what’s inside of it), here’s a presentation by a recovery professional Scott Moulton:
He starts off by talking about the basic structure and operation of a hard drive, he then goes onto talk about the most common types of failures (i.e. what you should look for and do should your hard drive fails) and some description of how he fixes hard drives.
Just in case you are interested, here’s the actual page the video link was pulled from:

Dell laptop “explosion”

Here’s one you definitely don’t want to happen to you while you are using your laptop on your lap:
Dell laptop on fire
According to the article, it was a Dell laptop that blew up – but I seriously can’t think how that can happen…
Anyway, here’s the originating article:

USB Teddy Bear

lol, this definitely cracks me up:
USB Teddy Bear
Poor Teddy… that’s all I can say,  .
Here’s the originating article:

PlayStation and PlayStation 2 debug and test system photos

PS2 debug console
For those of you who are interested in seeing what the development system of the original PlayStation and PlayStation 2 looks like, TechRepublic have posted a set of photographs here: