Windows Live Hotmail POP3 access


Woohoo! You can now access your Hotmail account via POP3! Here are the details:

POP server: with SSL

SMTP Server: with TLS

Guess I won’t need my WebMail Thunderbird Add-on anymore!


Video – Kiwi

Kiwi video screenshot - Click to go to the video's page on YouTube.
This is a bit of a sad video – watch it ’till the end and you’ll see what I mean…

Exploding laptop battery video

Flaming laptop - Click to watch video!
Wow, if you ever wondered what it’s like to have your laptop battery go up in flames, here’s one video you have to check out!

Line Rider

Line Rider - Click to go to website
If you have time to spare, here’s something you should try out – it’s a "game" called Line Rider:
The aim of the game?  Well… there isn’t one really – basically what you do is you drawn a 2-D landscape using the pen tool and when you hit "play", a cartoon character (i.e. the Line Rider) rides a sledge down the landscape you just drew.
I have to say, this game is annoyingly addictive – I spent 3 hours playing on it last night!
Anyway, while you are downloading the game, you might wanna check out this video of what someone did with it:
Download link:

“Steal This Film” – Documentary about file-sharing

"Steal This Film" web-page screenshot
A group have made a documentary about file-sharing – no it’s not the usual "file-sharing is bad" and "file-sharing is hurting [insert organization name here]" mumbo-jumbo – and instead, the documentary is actually taking a realistic look at the situation.
In the first episode, it focuses on the raid on The Pirate Bay (how the U.S. abused international laws to force the Swedish police into action) and what the people of Sweden thinks of the issue.
Anyway, enough said, here’s the web-site:
And the direct link to the torrent of the DVD version of part 1:
Oh and watch out of those subliminal messages  , lol.

Rocketboom… UnBoomed…

Rocketboom logo
Oh wow, this is big news, Amanda Congdon have decided that she can no longer be the host of Rocketboom because of a fall-out with her production partner, Andrew Baron.
Amanda’s story is posted here:
Amanda’s vlog on the situation:
Rocketboom’s official statement:
Anyhow, I’ll miss Amanda Congdon on Rocketboom and, I hope to see her doing her vlog again sometime soon.

W00t! The Pirate Bay is back!

TPB logo (Hollybay)
Sweet  The Pirate Bay (TPB) is now back!
Torrent away!