F-Secure sticker poll 2008

There’s a poll to decided the jokes that will go onto the F-Secure laptop stickers. The candidates are quite good – go check them out yourself:

Here are the ones I’ve chosen:

Poll #1
layer 8 protected
Honey, let's get wild and do it without protection    // Or, may I suggest this? lol.
Gone Phishing
Malware Inside
I don't need lunch, I have spam
I have a spare hand for a TCP handshake               // lol, good one!
Aren't you tired of being a man in the middle?
Delete WINDOWSSYSTEM32 for added stability           // :-D .
I went looking for pr0n and all I got was this lousy rootkit    // What a shame...
I'm running Antivirus XP 2008                         // You'd get this one if you've read a previous posting on the F-Secure blog
My computer has a greater purpose; it is trying to improve people's sex life
I'm vulnerable. Patch me

Poll #2
Vista Ready but Linux loaded                   // lol, I really like this one
Please don't jack my click                     // Pretty please....
There's no place like !!             // This never get old!
These aren't the droids you're looking for
Spam: It's Not Just In Cans Anymore
Will break CAPTCHA for food                    // I can actually visualize this on a piece of cardboard sign...
Trojan Inside
The MD5 is D41D8CD98F00B204E9800998ECF8427E
Passwords are just like underwear, I've change mine, have U?
My password is: 'or 1=1--                      // ;-) .
Social networking is fun and secure